Projects of Dynthk

Hello, I'm a programmer developer. There is still alot too learn
Welcome to my website and later i might buy some domains. . .

This server is running services: TOR Relay

Got real life things to deal with, projects have been stopped entirely. Running a few services in my free time just to have something to check once in a while.

All of my websites will be in a archive directory for people to access and ones that were in use will be archived too. I will only be running necessary things.

You can find all of my things on the internet to your left.

If you have read this far then in the box below will state answers to questions of which will be linked to a .txt to save me time explaining in the future.

- Amida

In a nutshell

Here are a few answers (Full version)

What you do now? Games, courses and music production

What about the websites? They are archived but probably not functional

When will you be back? I'll be here just not as active, and will stay like this for a long time

What about projects like Oxid? I will continue to host Oxid and be in touch with Xaotic if and when he releases Oxid Reloaded, which is probably never. For the other projects I'm scrapping them and working on other things such as music production

The full version including the future of Oxid can be found here

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